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Established in 1992, Starmatrix Group Inc. is one of the leading manufacturer of Garden, Pools & Leisure in China with more than 83000 square meters land and 46000 square meters workshop.


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"Asynchronous 2 poles dry motor with stainless steel casing cooled by the pumped liquid, which suits for continuous duty.Insulation class: FProtection: IP68 All motors with thermal overload protector built into windings. Single-phase: 230¡À10% V - 50 Hz can be supplied with or without float switch for automatic operation or manual operation. Version with capacitor connected inside the pump or external control box also available. And it includes 15 m of PVC or H07RN-F power cable with plug.Three-phase: 400¡À10% V - 50 Hz supplied with 15 m of PVC or H07RN-F power cable. Electric control panel available on request"
"Pumped liquid: clean water with no suspended solids or abrasive materials. The pump can not operate in dry conditions.Water temperature from 1¡æ to 40¡æMaximum immersion depth: 20 m (with suitable cable length), 10m with float switchMinimum submerged level for continuous duty is 150mm.Vertical or Horizontal position installation Maximum number of starts: 20 times per hour at regular intervals"  

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